Nintendo Fanboy Tournament

We’ve been getting alot of buzz regarding our event and now it officially time to announce it, yes we will be having all 3 at the same time at the same location. As for the when and where we are on the search for a location as for when well if we find a location soon we’ll try for some time in October.

We will be using current tournament formats for all 3 events, for SSBB players must bring their own controllers. For Pokemon VG players must bring their own devise (DS,DS lite,DS XL, DSi, 3DS) and game (Pokemon Black and White) we will be enforcing the lvl 50 limit and character restrictions. And the Pokemon TCG tournament will follow the HS/SS set and up format.

All tournaments will be cash prize which will come from the entry fee, Super Smash Bros. is $15 for early sign ups and $20 at the door. Both Pokemon games will be $10 for early sign ups and $15 at the door.

More info and details will be posted as soon as we get them, we will be launching an online sign up sheet and will be taking early sign ups at all of our current events for those who are interested.

If you have any questions please send them to or meet us in person at anyone of our current events.

You can signup here.

Please note these events are NOT associated or sanctioned with Nintendo or Pokemon nor are they official events. These events which we will try to run monthly are solely part of’s events