No More Room in Hell Review

This is a Zombie Survival game with no real campaign; just multiplayer maps with different objectives to them. You start with nothing but you have items randomly spawned throughout the map. The overall gameplay is challenging and amazing. The audio makes the game complete with slow music and sounds of the infected. Graphics aren’t the best but still stunning. There are over 15 different maps to choose and each map is very big.

The items spawn randomly, some items more rare to find than others. You don’t need to eat foot to stay alive just kill infected and don’t get hit. The melee weapons go all the way from a fire hydrant to a fire axe to a Bayonet. The guns are the same that you would find in any zombie game like pistols, shotguns, snipers, and rifles. The melee mechanics are pretty good but clunky at times. You can do a normal swing just by pressing the trigger once, then a hard hitting attack that costs stamina by holding the trigger, and then there is a shove by pressing the left analog stick.

You can join a running server with other people in it or you can make your own server. When you make your own server you have the choice of how many people you want in your game, friendly fire on/off, realism, and hardcore survival. These zombies don’t die with just one shot to the head; instead it takes 2 shots to the head to kill a zombie and 2 or 3 normal swings. This game is fun and challenging. If you have not tried very many zombie games I suggest you start here. I give this game a 7 out of 10. Aim for the head survivors.