No News Is Not Good News For EA Sports When It Comes To NBA 13

Dwight-Howard NBA-Live-13

Above is the latest news about NBA Live 13, that’s right people screen shots.

When I first heard that NBA Live was making a comeback I was really excited. Simply because the last NBA Live “NBA Live 10 “ game was really fun and I don’t like NBA 2k with it’s knock off features.  Then comes 2011 and then 2012 with no NBA game, and now all we have to look forward to from a game that is due to ship out in 4 months is a couple of screen shots.

Now in my opinion the reasons why this is happening are as follows:

1. When NBA 2k came out with the ability to be play as Michael Jordan and the classic teams ” Something EA came out with first” many people went crazy and bought NBA 2k simply because of that.

2. EA Sports overreacts to criticisms concerning game play. NBA Live 10 was a better game than NBA 2k10  when it comes overall game play and graphics. There was no need to scrap that game and rebuild it from scratch. All the game needed was some minor tweeks and a counter to the classic old school game features of NBA 2k and they would have continued to dominate the sports genre.

3. When people are not good at games they come up with excuses for sucking. The same excuse is made in NCAA Football, Madden, Fifa etc. The lame excuse of I cain’t shoot free throws because it’s EA fault is stupid. Personally I don’t like it when companies try to simplify game play to attract consumers. You don’t see that in other video game genres. Like in Halo the buttons and mechanics are the same as when halo first came out. The same could be said for games like Marvel versus Capcom and Mortal Combat. The point is don’t dummy down the game play ! When you do that the game feels like an arcade game which isn’t good.

4. So people just hate EA Sports.  Look it is what it is, people really have a serious issues with EA Sports as a company. With that being said no matter what EA Sports comes out with some people are just going to hate it. The interesting fact about this is that they don’t even by the game or haven’t played it for years. So to me it doesn’t matter what they have to say because they are the definition of the word HATERS.

So in closing I just wanna say to the development team at EA and Tiburon I know it’s crunch time for you, but it’s really important that you GET THIS GAME OUT ON TIME ! I loved NBA Live 10, don’t sweat the haters but you do have to get this years game out.