No Surprise CallofDuty4:Remastered out performs CallofDuty:Infinite Warfare

The word has been out on IW gameplay since the beta debut and since the game has launched more players are realizing this so called “call of duty” is destroying what call of duty stands for. There have been plenty of complaints about the mechanics and game modes that suggest this year for cod will absolutely be a struggle to endure.


There are reports that indicated by the Xbox Live Most Played games list, Infinite Warfare ranks at the #4 spot, as opposed to Call of Duty‘s usual #1 placing during launch month. As far as what’s outperforming it, interestingly enough, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered sits at the #2 spot.

There no reports to suggest that call of duty: Remastered will soon be a standalone game to be purchase in stores anytime soon.

Call of duty players have to be strong and wait for the next call of duty, ie, Advance Warfare 2.