Oddland now on iOS and Android

G4M3 Studios  has released their free-to play first-person shooter Oddland.  This game is set in a post-apocalyptic future where earth has been devastated with nuclear war. Players take on the role of the Oddlander, a gunslinger straight out of an American wild west movie, who tries to establish law and order.  Players take on mutants, thugs and fractions that are controlling the last remaining resources.

Oddlander has both single-players and multiplayer modes. Some of the key features are:

  • Single player campaign mode- players defeat five factions that span across 25 territories to restore some sort of law and order to the land.
  • Four Battle Modes: Mutant Duel & Boss Duel, Survival, Stealth Mission, Rescue Mission.
  • Online Multiplayer Mode- players face other players from around the world
  • Custimizations- weapon choice, customizable characters and selectable skills.
  • Game  Events & Metagaming strategy- players can  shoot bottles for target practice, play  the ‘Odd 23 Card Game’ to earn extra cash!

To learn more about this game you can go to www.oddlandthegame.com.  Oddland is available at the App Store or Google Play now!

One thought on “Oddland now on iOS and Android

  1. Just love the graphics, game controls a little rough in the begining but once you level up and get used to it, the rest is easy!!

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