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Official NBA LIVE 14 First Look Trailer

Today marks the debut of the first NBA LIVE 14 feature Playbook, which is all about gameplay. NBA LIVE 14 is poised to usher in a whole new generation of basketball gaming with next-definition visuals that showcase every detail of every player, uniform and arena; as well as revolutionary new features such as bounceTek physics-based dribbling and authentic signature style of over 50 NBA stars. To whet fans’ appetites for what’s to come, today EA SPORTS released a trailer with a sneak peek of 5-on-5 gameplay.

Over the coming days and weeks the NBA LIVE team will be providing more info on all the features listed above, as well as how CourtQ and the power of Synergy stats will ensure NBA LIVE 14 provides the most realistic and authentic experience possible, every single day. Fans are encouraged to visit the NBA LIVE 14 website in order to get all the details as they’re announced, and learn more from the various developer diaries and in-depth blogs that will be posted on the site. Upcoming Playbooks centered on Connected Experiences, game modes and more will provide an even more complete look at NBA LIVE 14.