Official Trailer Release for FISHAO and more!


News today have confirmed that the Dutch browser game company GamoVation B.V. has released the trailer for their upcoming multiplayer social fishing game, FISHAO. After working a approximate amount of 2 years, their work has finally payed off, giving us the beta of FISHAO that will start within a month.

If you’re wondering about the abbreviations, FISHAO means (Fish Always Online. The multiplayer game is also playable in a browser and Facebook as well. Another fun fact, it is not just a point and click puzzle game, but a cute look at open world fishing.

FISHAO comes with enjoyable features such as being able to customize your own character, meet new friends, compete in online tournaments, and a striking similarity to Pokemon by catching as many fish as you can (more then 150) to complete their Fishdex. Even more, players get to chat with each other and add friends around in with more than 100 players per area.

“A strangely cute 2D open world MMO which combines gameplay elements of Pokémon and Animal Crossing”. (, January 10, 2013).

Take a look at the trailer here to see if you’re up for the challenge.