One Hundred & One ways for you and a friend to play on iPad


Nordcurrent, a European game developer and publisher for smartphones, announced today that its latest iPad title, 101-in-1 Games HD, is available for download on AppStore for free. 101-in-1 Games HD is a collection of 101 games in different genres especially designed for tablet gaming and is the perfect game for players of all ages.

“101-in-1 Games HD is a new installment in our popular series” said Victoria Trofimova, Director at Nordcurrent. “We are excited to bring our hit game to iPad, and it was re-designed from scratch to take full advantage of iPad. 101-in-1 Game HD offers a huge variety of games in different genres – from arcade games, to puzzles and racing. 101-in-1 Games HD is a perfect game to play alone or together with your family and friends!”.

101-in-1 Games HD features a massive collection of 101 games in different genres, such as arcade, puzzle, racing, cooking, and many more! Different visuals and game worlds, this game will take players from the depths of the ocean to the Wild West, from the Stone Age to space racing.

Being truthful to the casual gaming, all 101 games are easy to pick up and play. There is no need to read countless pages of manuals to get rolling. To download 101-in-1 Games HD, please visit For more information about 101-in-1, or Nordcurrent’s complete lineup of products, visit