One Part Zombies, One Part Car, Equals All parts Fun

Have you ever had the unexplainable urge to pop your car into 3rd gear and run over some zombies, well now you can. Not Doppler; an Australian based company; has announced the launch of their new iOS game “Earn to Die”. A remake of their original smash hit, they have re-tuned it for the iOS platform with better graphics more cars, upgrades and of course more zombies.  The story is simple, Its the apocalypse and zombies rule the landscape whats there left to do but kill a few zombie with your car. The more zombies you can run down the more cash you earn. You can then use that cash to upgrades your car with better bumper, guns, spikes and more. From what I can read people seem to overall like the game and the story line. Some have complained that it repeats over and over But for fans of the zombie genre this will prove to be a good game to play during those in-between moments in your day. You can find  this game on the App. store for .99 for the the iPod and iPhone version, and 2.99 for the iPad HD version.  The only thing left to ask is how many zombies can you run down in one day?