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Online Multiplayer Defense Stratosphere 2.0 arrives on iPad

After 4 months of development, a massive new update has arrived for the iPad game featured twice by Apple in over 40 countries around the world. The new Stratosphere has not only received a ton of new content, but also a stunning redesign, and the #1 fan requested feature: online multiplayer. With the arrival of Stratosphere 2.0, Stratosphere positions itself as not only one of the most innovative takes on the tower defense genre, but also one of the most full-featured multiplayer games available for iPad.

The new Stratosphere includes:

Full online multiplayer mode with matchmaking and Game Center friend challenges
Online chat for before and after games
Completely redesigned menus and updated visuals
Live planet influenced by player wins, representing the overall war between the game’s 3 alien races
Alternate costumes for every single monster to show off in online multiplayer
New level: “Shattered Walkway”
Monster and tower almanac for stats and backstories
Game Center achievements
Main menu parallax effect
New icon
And tons of additional gameplay balances and tweaks