Otaku’s Dream Releases a New Pack!

As there are many types of games in the world, music games do not really have much scenery aside from maybe Japan. If you liked Dance Dance Revolution then Stepmania could be for you!

Stepmania is a PC game that can be played online or offline. It has the same game-play as DDR. However, you use your keyboard instead of a dance pad! (You can use a dance pad for PC if you wish to play how it was meant to be played.) There are certain things you cannot do on a pad though. For example 3 notes or even 4 notes together. There are some songs (stepfiles) that, on pad, would not be humanly possible to even pass. That’s where Keyboard comes in IF you want to play for that purpose.

Otaku’s Dream is a Stepmania Community that creates packs that include a large amount of Songs that have been carefully tested to make sure players enjoy playing them! Otaku’s Dream have JUST released their 8th Anime Mix! They have other packs, but this one has kept their fans waiting for far too long and now it has finally been released! Click on the banner above to download!

— For more information about Stepmania or Otaku’s Dream. Go to http://www.stepmania.com/  http://www.otakusdream.com/