Our January event Schedule *update*

In January we head back to our normal Saturday time slot sign ups start at 5pm with the events starting at 6pm both Friday and Saturday events.

As you may notice below we have two different events happening, on the same days 13th -14th we will still be having our events at the Microsoft store and we will be running events at Winter Gamefest 2011.

So kicking off January.

6th    Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

7th    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

13th  Soul Calibur IV

14th  Super Street Fighter 4: AE

13th -15th Winter Gamefest  at UCSD

20th  Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

21st  Halo CE anniversary

27th  Street Fighter II’ Hyper Fighting

28th   Gears of War 3

Busy month to kick off the new year, and our new up coming tournament circuit (more details coming soon).