Our June tournament schedule.

Here’s our event schedule for June, we’re packing in as many games as we could by adding more titles to our side events.  and we added Wingman tournaments to our Gears of War 3 events.

Please note all games pictured below are considered the “main event” the side events are listed next to the main event, both tournaments that are listed together below take place on the same.

All main events are free, all side events have a $5 “buy-in” with the winner takes all.

As always rules, details, etc will be posted the week of each event, meaning if a event if this Friday then by Monday we will be posting updates about the event.


1nd    STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN – Tekken 6 side event

2rd     Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 / FFA  side event

8th      The King of Fighters XIII / BlazBlue: Continuum Shift 2 side event

9th     Gears of War 3 / wing man tournament side event

15th   Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 / Skull Girls side event

16th   Halo CE anniversary / FFA side event

22rd   Super Street Fighter 4: AE / Street Fighter 3 third Strike side event

23th   Ghost Recon: Future Solider/ FFA side event

29th   Mortal Kombat 9 / – Soul Calibur 5 side event

30st   Gears of War 3 / wing man tournament side event