Our review for Tumblebugs for iPhone and iPod Touch


Since racking up 35 million online plays and downloads since the flash original launched in 2005, Tumblebugs, the latest internet phenomenon to make the transition to iPhone has finally launched on App Store in all its bug-blasting glory. The all-new revamped version is developed by Dundee-based Tag Games, creators of recent hit Car Jack Streets and published by Manchester-based developer Connect2Media, creators of critically acclaimed titles Timeloop and Go! Go! Rescue Squad!


The flash original was developed by Wildfire Studios and quickly garnered a mass cult following across the internet, with gamers of all ages across the globe experiencing its slick blend of ‘match-three’ gameplay and charming visual style. The new version has been developed exclusively for Apple iPhone and iPod consoles, making superb use of the devices touch screen capabilities.

Players must think fast to line up three or more bugs of the same color in an attempt to slow the march of the evil black bug empire before it drives your insect buddies underground. Fans of Zuma and Stone Loops of Jurassica will enjoy 75 levels of addictive gameplay set across two expansive game modes complete with a slick and colorful visual style.


Let me start of by saying this game is addicting fun I never played the PC version so i was new to this game its pretty simple not big on the story (your this “hero” bug trying to save the other bugs from the evil black bugs.) this game is all about the addicting gameplay your goal is to match up the color balls your “hero” holds with the color balls that are making their way across the map you tap the screen on the color your aiming for to launch off the balls to make match of the same color (similar to bejeweled in the 3 piece matching).

You need to match up 3 or more balls to score which opens up combos and special power ups. another cool feature is the ability to up load your score to Facebook to have a “leaderboard ” kinda feel with your friends


Being i first time player on this game i can can it is a fun game i highly recommend it Tumblebugs is available to buy now for iPhone and iPod Touch consoles via the iTunes App Store for $2.99 there is also a free lite version .