Ouya’s Newest Title: Operation Giant

ouya-00Fenix Fire Entertainment is best known for its top ten iPad hit Roboto, but today there new spotlight game is called Operation Giant, an original sci fi action adventure coming soon to the Ouya game console.

The game starts you off 40 years into the future, Operation Giant gives a grim look at just how far mankind will go in hopes to save the planet from complete destruction against an incredibly advanced cyborg race of planet stripping extra terrestrials. This devastating invasion has caught the entire world off guard, destroying 90% of the world’s military defenses in a single day. There is no time to rebuild traditional military forces. Planet Earths backs against the wall and facing total extinction, the military executes a new defense initiative: known internally as Operation Giant.

AND THAT’S JUST THE START! Fenix Fire plans on bringing this stunning future reality to life by pushing the performance boundaries of the Ouya and its Tegra 3 graphics processor. Even in Operation Giant’s early prototype phase the team has been able to create a high res normal mapped character using the same techniques employed by more expensive consoles such as the Xbox360 and PS3.

“We’re thrilled to have the opportunity to create Operation Giant for the Ouya. Traditionally, we would have to spend months building and shopping a demo around to publishers in hopes of securing a publishing deal. The Ouya, and it’s digital download open distribution model, has changed this for us. For the first time we can freely develop for a game console, allowing us to focus 100% on evolving the brawler genre with Operation Giant,” said Brian McRae, CEO of Fenix Fire Entertainment.

Official Announcement Video:

Operation Giant features include:

  • High Quality, Console grade graphics
  • Innovative combat system
  • Interactive environments, convert ordinary city structures into weapons
  • Powerful character upgrade system