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Overwatch: Blizzard’s newest game

Blizzard Announces OverwatchA few steps away from the spot Blizzard announced their new game, 600 PCs sat waiting for attendees to play the game. This is their first game in 18 year’s to be made from scratch to first build. Usually we have to withstand months of teasers before we can get our hands on this big of a game.  In the game there are 12 characters. This game was made from the companies unhidden love for TF2. This will be something new and pleasant from Blizzard, But will it become another competitive game from Blizzard? The company has put their easy-to-learn hard-to-master signature into the FPS genre now.

Will Blizzard Entertainment be taking players from Team Fortress 2? Blizzard was ready for all attendees to begin playing, but what of the TF2? Will Valve release something new to keep players from switching over? Maybe a new game type like Man vs Machine hopefully that is something I know a lot of people love to play with friends or just random. Not much is really know yet about Overwatch, but I think it’ll be another successful franchise by Blizzard. But they also want their fans to feel equally represented in this game, But this game is a remnant of Titan. The gaming world will receive a beta sometime in 2015.