Overwatch is an amazing experience

Overwatch provides a surreal gameplay experiences that allow anyone to enjoy it immediately, while allowing everyone to enhance their skills. You settle in and learn how to play within seconds. Whether you’re playing solo with random teammates for 20 minutes or looking to join an eSports pro circuit , you’re having an amazing time. Important sayings like “behind you” are streamlined into the game with characters saying them outright without need for player input, allowing players who don’t want to use voice chat to have access to these critical observations melded directly into core gameplay.

Overwatch is strictly online pvp, but its profound ability to provide drastically different experiences with each hero ensures that fresh explorations and hours of renewed enjoyment are a single tap away. Concern regarding content offerings grow when a multiplayer-only experience arrives, but Overwatch’s laser focus on providing a polished arena where every game tells its own tale provides many hours of entertainment. In addition, Blizzard is not dividing the community or locking characters behind paywalls, as all future maps and characters will be free.