OZombie: New American McGee’s Wizard of Oz Revealed


American McGee’s Spicy Horse studio revealed a new title based on The Wizard of Oz titled: OZombie.

OZombie will feature Dorothy, Toto, Lion, TinMan and Scarecrow as a brain-loving bad guy. The game will be a cross-platform title for tablets, Windows PC, Mac and Linux, and will be based on the Oz series, which consists of 14 episodes. It also has nothing to do with the Wizard of Oz game cancelled by Atari in 2004.

A Kickstarter campaign for the title is underway and Spicy Horse currently has a second Kickstarter campaign forAlice: Otherlands. Which title gets developed depends if Alice license holder Electronic Arts will greenlight the development of Alice: Otherlands. However, McGee stated on the Facebook page that if OZombie’s fan feedback is strong, the studio will develop OZombie over Alice: Otherlands.


You can track OZombie Official Facebook page for more info, concept art, notes and fan-art.