Pacers vs. Heat Game 5

Watch the game tonight at 5:00 PM (PT) on TNT.

It is a big one tonight in Miami, the Heat evened the series in Indiana on Sunday 101-93. With D. Wade and L. James having 70 combined points (James 40, Wade 30), they carried their team and showed that it’s a two man show out there in Miami. L. James was tired Monday. Understandable, he was coming off an effort the NBA hasn’t seen in more than 50 years. It was the first time anyone had that many points, rebounds and assists in a playoff game since Elgin Baylor in 1961.

Tonight’s game is crucial to the Heat, they have to defend their home court if wanting to win this series. If the Pacers can win this away game I think they’ll win the series taking the next game Home, especially how the Heat has been playing, they can’t be carried by the Big two every game.

Who has more pressure: D. Wade or L. James?

I think there is ten times more pressure on L. James right now than D. Wade because Wade has his ring, has been here, and has proven to be a clutch player in the post-season. And with L. James winning his 3rd MVP and having one of the greatest performances in the post-season going 40 points 18 rebounds and 9 assists, almost getting a triple-double, and with everyone saying “That’s it, he’s the greatest ever! He’s the king”, the pressure gathers up because he is still THE RINGLESS KING!

Watch the game tonight at 5:00 PM (PT) on TNT.