Smash Bros Melee and Project M LIVE Stream

“Guardians Of The Galaxy” will Tie Into Avengers 3

“Guardians of The Galaxy” is shaping up to be Marvels most ambitious film to date but you may have asked the same question everyone is wondering when does this film take place and does it tie in to the other Marvel films?. Recently Director James Gunn held an interview with Entertainment Weekly and he finally answered here is what he said

“(Guardians of The Galaxy) is definitely connected to Avengers 3″

Also Thanos will physically appear in the film via motion capture .

Amazing Spider-Man 4 Release Date May Change

Amazing Spider-Man GwenStacy Poster

With Sony planning many Spider-Man sequels years ahead of time, there’s definitely going to be some changes happening. Producer Matt Tolmach recently hinted that The Amazing Spider-Man 4 may not hit theaters on May 4, 2018 after all. Actually, the current plan is for the studio to release Venom and The Sinister Six before Spider-Man 4. Huh.

“Before we know what we do with Spider-Man 4, we’re going to do Sinister Six, Venom and Spider-Man 3,” Tolmach explained to Den of Geek in a recent interview. ”There is going to be a lot of crossover in those movies. So we’re just not at Spider-Man 4, because we still have a whole other Spider-Man movie and two other movies. So we don’t know yet what [Spider-Man 4] is going to be.”

Playstation Now Beta updated to 2.0



As Sony gets closer to the public release of Playstation Now they have been giving updates to the lucky Beta users. Most recently they put out a 2.0 Beta update. Originally the Beta only included 9 titles. The update now ups the number to 19 but loses some AAA titles. The current list of available games are:

  • Shadow of the Colossus
  • WipEout HD
  • Dead Nation
  • PixelJunk Monsters
  • Shatter
  • Guacamelee!
  • Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten
  • Dead or Alive 5
  • Critter Crunch
  • Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and Beyond

Throne of Champions Tournament! Signups open.

Online registration is now open for our Throne of Champions major tournament on April 19th. It will be a one day all day event consisting of 6 games (listed below). This will be our first of three of these event this year the next two are set to be in August and December in which we’re planning on adding League of Legends to the line up.

This event we will be running.

Call of Duty: Ghost 4v4 team tournament. (Xbox 360)

Madden 25 (Xbox 360)

Smash Bros Melee singles and 2v2s (Wii/Gamecube)

‘OCULUS’ Movie Review with Exclusive Interview


Cast: Karen Gillan, Brenton Thwaites, Katee Sackhoff, Rory Cochrane, Annalise Basso, Garret Ryan

Director: Mike Flanagan

Official Film Synopsis: “Ten years ago Tim Russell (Brenton Thwaites) shot his father (Rory Cochrane) after he witnessed him killing his mother (Katee Sackhoff). He’s sent to a mental hospital because of the shooting but also because he believed that his parents’ deaths were due to an evil supernatural entity that possessed an antique mirror in their home. This leaves his sister Kaylie (Karen Gillan) to face life alone until, years later, Tim is finally released. All he wants to do is move on from that fateful night, but in his absence Kaylie has become convinced that the mirror is indeed possessed, as she has discovered that the mirror’s previous owners throughout the centuries have had similarly bloody pasts. Kaylie is determined to prove that the mirror is responsible for the murders as opposed to Tim or her father.”

Action Bowling 2 launches new Versus Mode on Android & iOS




Tribal City Interactive and Kronos Games Online are proud to announce the introduction of “Versus Mode” to Action Bowling 2. The second game in the hit iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 bowling game series, it has been rebuilt from the ground up with brand new high definition graphics, higher fidelity sound and realistic physics. Versus mode introduces six progressively more difficult AI bowling opponents, complementing the game’s existing pass-and-play and online multiplayer modes.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 New Trailer!!



Dreamworks Animations studios released the new trailer for their upcoming movie, How To Train Your Dragon 2. It features the voice talents of Jay Baruchel, Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson, America Ferrera, Jonah Hill, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, T.J. Miller, Kristen Wigg, Djimon Hansou, Cate Blanchett, and Kit Harington.

Here’s the official film synopsis:

Below is Coming to Steam!


Capybara Games has stated that they’re releasing Below on Steam as well as Xbox One.

The indie developer, which is additionally creating the upcoming Super TIME Force, showed the PC version in a new trailer for Below, that has the Steam logo. The action game was announced at E3 2013 as an apparent Xbox One exclusive, since it’s published by Microsoft. But last summer, Capy clarified that Below would see release on other platforms after an exclusive time period on Microsoft’s home console.

Nintendo Announced Tomodachi Life

Nintendo announced this morning that Tomodachi Life is finally coming to the US for the Nintendo 3DS.

Over the past few years, one of the biggest performers on the DS in Japan has been the Tomodachi Collection franchise. We never got any of the titles in the U.S. before, but the latest game in the franchise is finally making its way over on June 6.

Bin Weevils ARTY ARCADE weeviling its way across retail this Summer



Alternative Software is pleased to announce Bin Weevils ARTY ARCADE for PC and Mac, an exciting new addition to the Bafta award-winning brand.

Bin Weevils ARTY ARCADE allows kids of all ages to push their imaginations to the limit, exploring different areas of the Bin Weevils world alongside their favourite Bin Weevils characters!

Collect a humungous assortment of imagery and tools to not only invent amazing, vibrant designs, but to turn it into an incredible selection of printable gifts such as masks, tattoos, t-shirt transfers, and much much more, and really let their ideas run wild across the page.

Titanfall Patch Update #2


NEW FEATURES (All Platforms)

Private Match (beta) – This is the first public test of our new Private Match mode. This gives you a way to organize matches with and against your friends, for casual or tournament play. Some features are unfinished or not yet implemented, and we welcome your feedback. A few highlights:

LEGO: The Hobbit Delayed on Wii U


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment announced earlier this week that LEGO: The Hobbit will see a slight delay on Wii U to April 22.

LEGO: The Hobbit is available now for all other announced systems — Nintendo 3DS, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. But the Wii U version of LEGO: The Hobbit is now planned for April 22, according to a Warner Bros. press release touting the game’s launch. The publisher strangely gave no explanation whatsoever for the delay on Nintendo’s console.

Join Us for our first FBG StreetPass MiitUp at our HQ

streetpass poster

Join us for our first FBG StreetPass meetup at our Headquarters!

When: Sunday, April 20th
Where: 2593 3rd Ave. Chula Vista (FBG HQ).
Starting at 1pm
The event is FREE. Don’t forget to bring your 3DS!

There will be raffles, awesome prizes, easter candy, tournaments and open stations for casuals.
The Super Smash Bros. cash tourney will start at 5pm.

Collect Mii characters. Enhance gameplay in StreetPass-enabled games. Play games in Mii Plaza. Warning: If you reach the maximum of 10 StreetPasses you won’t get any more StreetPasses until you go into the Lobby and let the Mii in to reduce the notification counter. Don’t forget to reduce the Mii queue if you attend the FBG StreetPass meeting!

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Announced, Coming This Fall

Randy Pitchford, president of Gearbox Software and Tony Lawrence, general manager of 2K Australia introduce you to the next standalone AAA Borderlands game — Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. Coming Fall 2014 to Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

Super Smash Bros. Charizard and Greninja Reveal Trailer

The Last of Us Remastered Finally Confirmed for PS4


Sony has finally confirmed that The Last of Us: Remastered is real and coming to PS4.

The Last of Us: Remastered will include:

  • Additional game content: over $30 in value
  • Delve into Ellie’s past in Left Behind, the single-player prequel chapter
  • Eight new multiplayer maps in the Abandoned and Reclaimed Territories packs
  • In-game cinematic commentary from the cast and creative director

The videogame is available for pre-order for $59.99, but there is no release date given yet.

Super Smash Bros. 3DS, Wii U Release Windows Revealed


Just today, the popular Nintendo announced that Smash Bros. for 3DS will release this summer, along with the Wii U version in winter 2014.

Series creator, Masahiro Sakurai made known the release window during a special Nintendo Direct presentation. Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS is developed with Bandai Namco Games. Nintendo also stated that fighters in the 3DS version would move at 60 fps, and that the game will support stereoscopic 3D.

Super Smash Bros Direct Live Stream

Wolfenstein – ‘Nowhere to Run’ Gameplay Trailer

The resistance must rise despite being outclassed and outgunned. In the latest trailer, ‘Nowhere to Run’, for Wolfenstein: The New Order, B.J. Blazkowicz and the resistance fight back against General Deathshead, and his legion of Nazi forces despite the overwhelming odds against them. You can download this newly released trailer via the links below.

Wolfenstein: The New Order, the upcoming first-person action-adventure shooter under development at MachineGames, reignites the franchise widely recognized for pioneering the first-person shooter genre. Set in the 1960s, the monstrous Nazi regime has used mysterious advanced technology to win World War II. They now rule the globe with an iron fist. Wolfenstein: The New Order sends you across Europe on a harrowing mission to bring down the Nazi war machine.

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 – ‘A Crooked Mile’ Trailer

Telltale Games, in cooperation with DC Entertainment, today announced the release of ‘A Crooked Mile,’ the third of five episodes of The Wolf Among Us licensed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The episode is available today on the PlayStation®Network in North America for PlayStation 3, PC and Mac from the Telltale Online Store, and other digital outlets, including Steam. The episode will be available Wednesday, April 9th on Xbox Games Store for Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft worldwide, and the PlayStation®Network in Europe for PlayStation 3. It will also be coming to the App Store as an in-app purchase for compatible iOS devices later this week.

Fright Heights creeps onto Android



Welcome to the hotel of horrors! Torment your guests and spook out any unwanted visitors who stumble into this haunted home.

Place a gang of ghosts, villains and whatever else you can conjure from the Netherworld into the empty rooms of your haunted establishment to send your guests running for the hills. Surround your guests with ghouls and think smart to spread your spooks effectively to panic priests, de-exorcise exterminators and chain together frightening combos.

Game Features:
• An addictive concoction of puzzle and strategy
• Over 50 hotels to fill with ghosts and frighten your guests
• Use Talismans to unlock frightening foes
• Share your progress with friends via Facebook

Ubisoft Announces The Crew to Launch in Fall 2014

Today, Ubisoft® announced that The Crew will be available this fall for Xbox One, the PlayStation 4 and PC.

The Crew is a revolutionary action-driving game that takes gamers on a reckless ride throughout a massive, open-world recreation of the United States brimming with exciting challenges and populated by other real players.

The Crew’s premiere gameplay trailer, released today, shows four cars, each in a different iconic region of the United States, forming a crew to continue their journey together across the living, breathing open-world.

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number New Trailer

Devolver Digital has released a new bloody trailer for Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number that includes gameplay, new characters and weapons.

Hotline Miami 2 is coming to PC, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation Vita in Q3 2014.

New GODZILLA Trailer

Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 2.35.24 PM


Legendary pictures and Warner Bros. have released the brand new trailer for the upcoming, highly anticipated movie; GODZILLA. It is set for release on May 16th, 2014. Very minimal details have been released as far as what the movie synopsis is about but the production team did release the following statement in a press panel on to what the film will be about:

“It’s an epic rebirth to Toho’s iconic Godzilla, this spectacular adventure pits the world’s most famous monster against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity’s scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence.”

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