Gears Of War Movie Announced!

As you can see above it has been confirmed by Rod Ferguson himself that YES Gears of War will have a Movie! The coalition and Microsoft Studios have partnered with Universal Pictures to make this happen. Of course since it’s in its earliest stages a director, cast and release date have not been announced. We also do not know if the movie plot will focus on JD, Marcus or another character. We do not even know if it will focus on a specific timeline only that the movie will take place in the Gears of War universe which in all honesty is very exciting.

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Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Will Be More of the Same as Before Starting Oct 14th

Ever since E3 in June when IW trailer was first revealed it received the most dislikes on youtube that has never been seen in Call of Duty history. The company has taken quite a lot of heat for moving away from the traditional boots on the ground.

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