CES 2013 LG Dual Play T.V.

During CES LG announced the new Dual play Smart TV. The Dual Play places 2 images on top of one another the TV then can identify which layer is for what player by a special lens that come in the 3D glasses. For player one the lens is in the left lens can detect the first layer on the Smart TV and have only that layer visible for the player. For player 2 the lens in the right eye detects the second layer on the Smart TV and has only the that layer visible to that player. Having this feature allows both players to experience co-op with the full screen. The Duel Play Smart T.V will be available in March of 2013.

CES 2013: Griffin Audio Product releases

Studio Connect with Lightening is an all in one audio interface that lets people create music on their ipad. This program is now integrated with the new 4th generation Ipad and ipad mini. Studio Connect is compatible with guitars, stereo audio, MIDI-In and MIDI- Out as well as Lightning charging dock. Some of the features for Studio Connect are: it’s Line-level RCA Stereo Output as well as Stereo Headphone Out put with separate volume controls.

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