New screenshots for ‘What We Deserve’ The Walking Dead: Michonne

Episode 3: ‘What We Deserve’ will be available starting Tuesday, April 26th on PC/Mac via the Telltale Online Store, Steam, and other digital distribution services, the PlayStation Network for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, the Xbox Games Store for Xbox One and Xbox 360, for compatible iOS devices via the App Store, and for Android-based devices via Google Play and the Amazon Appstore.
In ‘What We Deserve,’ feeling the weight of choices both recent and long ago, Michonne tries to protect an innocent family… but Norma and the vengeful Monroe crew are closing in. As reality shatters and the ghosts of the daughters she abandoned demand to be heard, your choices will determine who lives, who dies, and what redemption really means in a world gone to hell.The Walking Dead: Michonne – A Telltale Miniseries confronts players with tough choices. Today we can also share this new video above, which highlights some of the difficult decisions players were faced with in the second episode (beware, contains major spoilers for the story so far).
The miniseries stars the iconic, blade-wielding character from Robert Kirkman’s best-selling comic books, portrayed in-game by award-winning actress Samira Wiley (Orange is the New Black). Haunted by her past and coping with unimaginable loss and regret, the story explores Michonne across a three episode miniseries event. Players will dive into the mind of Michonne to discover what took her away from Rick, Carl, and the rest of her trusted group… and what brought her back.
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Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Eclipse Multiplayer Trailer

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Eclipse is now available on PlayStation 4 with other next-gen platforms to follow. PS4 gamers can jump right into the action across four new multiplayer maps, as well a new Zombies experience, which takes players to an undead island during the World War II Pacific Theater in a thrilling new chapter of the Origins saga.

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Premium Gold: Infinite Gold Review

 Hows it going everyone Patrick here doing another Yugioh review for you guys. Thanks to my friends from Konami, they gave me the honor of reviewing one of my favorite series to be released and that is the premium gold series. I was given the opportunity to review their most current set Premium Gold: Infinite Gold. First off im gonna say that I love the gold series. The new cards, the old cards that got reprinted, and even how they look in their gold print technology. For infinite gold I had liked many cards from each of those categories, like a bunch of hard to get reprints like Kozmo Dark Destroyer and Ghost Ogre Snow Rabbit, to the YCS prize card Number 106: Giant Hand, and even brand new cards that impacted the game greatly like Beatrice, Lady of the Eternal. Those were only four of the big card to come out of this set and they are a ton more that makes this set worth it to get. Now I want to cover a couple of new cards from this set and give my opinion on them and how it could impact the game.

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We’re looking for new talent to join our Team!

We’re looking for hard working interns that want  to get their foot in the door and  gain some experience in the gaming industry. Some perk you’ll receive in turn would be able to attend events like E3, CES, EVO, MLG and Comic Con also you’ll have the opportunity to review games and gear. If you ever had that dream of being in the video game business then send us an email and give it a shot.

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Dirty Bomb, the free-to-play online shooter developed by Splash Damage Ltd., today launches its biggest update of the year so far; ‘Rogue en Vogue’. This update provides a wealth of new content for players, including the new Merc Aimee, who’s equipped with an array of Sniper Rifles and SNITCH Device which spots and weakens enemies, along with a player-driven in-game event offering Limited Edition Loadout Cards, Trinkets and more.

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