Xbox One 1TB Console with New Xbox One Wireless Controller

Next week, Xbox is kicking off the biggest games week of the year as we head to Los Angeles for E3 2015 where we’ll showcase the best lineup in Xbox history. But before the lights go up and we take the stage for our media briefing, we wanted to share a few pieces of early news as we continue to put games and gamers at the center of everything we do.


Russell Westbrook revealed as NBA Live 16 Cover Athlete

image004Today Electronic Arts Inc.  revealed Russell Westbrook as the cover athlete for NBA LIVE 16. Westbrook, the Oklahoma City Thunder point guard, is a decorated NBA star and one of the most versatile and explosive players in the league, demonstrated by his 11 triple-doubles this season, seven more than the next closest player. Westbrook is a four-time All-Star, and was named the 2015 All-Star Game MVP. He was also the NBA Scoring Champion after the 2014 season, and has won two gold medals as part of the US National Team, once during the 2010 FIBA World Championship and again in the 2012 Olympics.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions available on Google Play!

fft_logo_posi_jpg_jpgcopy[1]On June 5th Square Enix that Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of The Lions would be available on android devices  through the Google Play store. Final Fantasy Tactics was first released on the PlayStation in 1997. Due to the games popularity it was re-released in 2007 on the PSP (PlayStation Portable) with additional features: New cut scenes, jobs and scenarios.

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions takes place in the land of Ivalice. Players play as two different characters: the first man is named Delita Heiral and the other is named Ramza Beoulve.  The Game begins with a Historian retelling The War of the lions and shedding light on who actually was the real hero.

KUNG FURY Greatest Movie EVER!!!

Kung Fury is an over-the-top 80’s action comedy that was crowd funded through Kickstarter. It features Kung Fury, a Kung Fu renegade cop who travels back in time to kill his Nemesis, Hitler. The film features nazis, dinosaurs, vikings and cheesy one-liners.

The campaign that was launched in December 2013 was backed by more than 17 000 people who together gave more than $630 000.

Batman: Arkham Knight – Red Hood Story Pack Full Trailer

Yugioh Legacy of the Duelist Coming to Xbox One and PS4

Attention Duelists! Ready for a challenge? Enter the Duelist Simulator to take your place among the finest game players ever with Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist! For the first time, Konami brings the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! franchise to the PlayStation 4  and the Xbox One Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist will arrive early summer to take fans on a nostalgic journey to the memorable world of the Yu-Gi-Oh! TV animated series.

Rainbow Six Siege – Inside Rainbow #2 – The FBI-SWAT Unit Trailer

Rainbow is an elite team composed of members of the best Special Forces units from around the globe. In this new episode of “Inside Rainbow,” we’re
telling you more about the FBI SWAT operators and their specific Siege ability.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege will be available October 13, 2015 for the Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

Announcing “The Coalition”

Beginning today, the Vancouver-based Xbox team working on the Gears of War franchise will be known as The Coalition. What’s in a name? In short, The Coalition speaks to who we are as a team, and what it is we’re working on.

A coalition is a team of diverse individuals working together for a common purpose, a concept that we feel describes our studio quite well.

Fans will also recognize the Coalition of Ordered Governments (COG) from Gears of War lore.

LEGO World: Early Access Trailer

Yet another new addition to the LEGO series but with a twist. Being called “Legos answer to Minecraft” this Open-World Lego game lets you Explore, Discover, and Create. With over 2500 players online you can play Lego World Early Access on the Steam stores now for just $15.00! Enjoy!

Bethesda Announces Fallout 4

Bethesda Softworks today confirmed the upcoming global release of Fallout 4, the next generation of open-world gaming. The world premiere of the game will take place during Bethesda’s E3 Showcase being held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California on June 14th beginning at 7pm PST, and streamed live around the world via Twitch and YouTube.

Fallout 4 is being developed for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC by award-winning Bethesda Game Studios under the direction of Todd Howard. This eagerly-awaited game is the follow up to the 2008 ‘Game of the Year’, Fallout 3, and the first title from the world-renowned studio since the release of their global phenomenon and 2011 ‘Game of the Year’, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Natsume to bring Harvest Moon to Wii U and PC the first time with “Seeds of Memories!



Natsume Inc., a worldwide developer and publisher of family-oriented video games, today reveals the next title in the long-running Harvest Moon series, Harvest Moon: Seeds of Memories. This is the first Harvest Moon that will be on the Nintendo Wii U, as well as the first Harvest Moon ever on the PC. In addition, the title will also be the first mainline Harvest Moon title on both iOS and Android.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Exo Zombies Carrier Trailer

Bruce Campbell joins the fight as Captain Lennox in Exo Zombies Carrier, which stars Rose McGowan, John Malkovich, Bill Paxton, and Jon Bernthal. Get Exo Zombies Carrier with the Supremacy DLC pack on June 2nd for Xbox Live, with other platforms to follow.

Mortal Kombat X Tanya Bundle Trailer

Today, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment revealed the Mortal Kombat X Tanya Bundle, new downloadable content (DLC) that heralds the return of the Edenian fugitive Tanya as a playable character and the Klassic Pack 1 with familiar looks for Kano, Sonya and Liu Kang.
The Tanya Bundle is a part of the Mortal Kombat X Kombat Pack, providing fans with Mortal Kombat X DLC for $29.99. Players who already own the Kombat Pack will be able to download the Mortal Kombat X Tanya Bundle starting tomorrow, June 2.
Players wishing to purchase the Tanya Bundle separately will be able to do so beginning Tuesday, June 9 from the PlayStation Store, Xbox Marketplace and Steam for $7.99. Tanya will also be sold separately for $4.99, and the Klassic Pack 1 will be sold separately for $3.99.

Our June tournament Schedule is Live.


5. Mortal Kombat X

6. FIFA 15

12. Killer Instinct

13. Madden 15

19. Mortal Kombat X

20. Ultra Street Fighter 4 and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3

26. Killer Instinct

27. Call of Duty Advance warfare (all day event)

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Gameplay Trailer

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited – which is available now on PC/Mac and arriving on console June 9th.

This third video, Exploring Tamriel, highlights the game’s expansive world. From hunting the forces of Molag Bal, to gathering natural resources for crafting, to plumbing ancient ruins for treasure, your next big adventure awaits in Tamriel.

The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, is the latest chapter in the award-winning franchise and brings the legendary experience online for the first time. The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited includes all the great gameplay from the original PC/Mac game, plus all the updates and content additions. Players will make a one-time purchase of the game and play, without restrictions, for as much as they like – without game subscription fees.

Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay Video – “Time To Go To War”

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment today released a new gameplay video for Batman: Arkham Knight. The Official Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay Video – “Time To Go To War” is a continuation of the Official Batman: Arkham Knight Gameplay Video – “Officer Down.” See more of the Dark Knight in action in this extended gameplay walkthrough, as he pays a visit to Scarecrow’s safe house and battles the forces of the Arkham Knight’s militia.

Batman: Arkham Knight is based on DC Comics’ core Batman license and will be available on June 23, 2015 exclusively for the PlayStation 4 computer, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

Join us this Friday for our Killer Instinct tournament

killer-instinct-season-2-riptor-screen-01Join us this Friday for our Killer Instinct tournament.

Sign-ups start at 5:00 pm

Tournament starts at 6:00 pm

Players are welcome to bring their own fight sticks.

tournament will be double elimination, all matches are best of 3 and all finals are best of 5.

the event will be held at the Microsoft store at the Fashion Valley mall

The tournament is free to enter with prizes going towards the winner

Any questions please send them to

Killer Instinct Season 2 Aria Trailer

Crossed Souls Review

What’s up everyone, Patches here doing another yugioh TCG review. My friend from Konami gave me the opportunity to review their newest set that came out, Crossed Souls. This set brought a lot of support for a lot of decks like performapal, fluffal, u.a., harpies, and burning abyss to name a few. They also introduced another arc-type zefras. Now zefras are very interesting, they are an arc-type that brings the 5 other major arc-types together, which normally they would never be able to work well with each other. It brings the Yang Zings, Satellar, Shaddolls, Ritual Beast, and Nekroz together making them a very complicated deck to deal with because they can potentially be running two different types of deck into one. I know that the zefra cards are gonna get more support later on making them the decks to beat. Lets move on to some of the decks that got a lot of support this time around, we will start with the U.A. cards.

Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series’ Episode 4 Now Available For Download

Telltale Games and HBO Global Licensing today announced the release of ‘Sons of Winter,’ the fourth of six episodes of Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series.

Based on the award-winning HBO television drama series, Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series tells the story of House Forrester. Caught up in the events of The War of the Five Kings, they are placed in a precarious position where members of the household must do everything they can to prevent the house from meeting its doom.

Mad Max “Savage Road” Story Trailer

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Avalanche Studios today unveiled the Mad Max Savage Road Trailer, showing Max who is left for dead as his cherished Interceptor is stolen by the merciless Wasteland tyrant, Scrotus and his warboys. Max must rebuild a powerful new war machine to escape the deadly Wasteland and can only do that with the aid of his quirky sidekick and expert mechanic, Chumbucket.

Mad Max will be released on Sept. 1, 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare – Supremacy DLC 3 Gameplay Trailer

Prepare for a globetrotting Call of Duty DLC experience like no other, against the backdrops of several of the greatest monuments around the world in Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare Supremacy. On June 2, the third DLC pack for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare from Activision and Sledgehammer Games, will be available first on the Xbox Live online entertainment network for Xbox One and Xbox 360 games and entertainment system from Microsoft, with other platforms to follow.

Mad Max: Fury Road Movie Review


Cast: Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Riley Keough, Zöe Kravitz, Abbey Lee, Nathan Jones, John Howard, Richard Carter.

Director: George Miller

Review: What a day. What a lovely day it was indeed.

Join us Saturday 5/30/2015 for our next 4v4 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Cash Tournament.


Join us Saturday 5/30/2015  for our next 4v4 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Cash Tournament.

Where: Microsoft Store Fashion Valley Mall

7007 Friars Rd Suite 324
San Diego, CA 92108

Last chance signups begin at 10am and first match starts at 11am

Tournament will be on Xbox One and we will be using eSports rules.

Hard Point, CTF and Search and Destroy will be played on approved eSports maps.

All finals will be best of 3.

Tournament will be double elimination.

Outside wired/ Scufs controllers and headsets will be allowed, NO wireless controllers.

Batman: Arkham Knight – Be the Batman Trailer

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment released a live action video from the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight game. Directed by Tim Cronenweth and Jeff Cronenweth (director of photography for Gone Girl, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Fight Club), with Trent Reznor serving as music consultant, the Official Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer – “Be The Batman” features “The Wretched” by Nine Inch Nails and showcases everyday people being determined, courageous and fearless as they rise to become the Batman.

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