Panda Patha released!

Panda Patha is about  an adorable little panda named Patha. This Panda is trying to reach his mom of course. This cute story is an addictive brain-trainer puzzle game with unique game play. You basically create paths for Patha to reach his mom.

This game is easy to learn but even the simplest of levels can become so complicated with its unique game play. You can unlock achievements and  collect points using your speed matched with how much you can perfect a level. This game has 90 levels.

The game uses a drag and drop system where a player drops the pieces onto the puzzle grid. You have to try to create gem-groups of the same color or at least 3. To collect these gem groups you just tap on them to make new space. Then you can build a usable path for Patha to his mom with those pieces.

Panda Patha is currently free but for a limited time only but don’t worry it will only be $0.99. The game is available for the iPad and iPhone. It will be available for Android users soon.  Here is a cute trailer and screenshots to look at!