Pandorum the official movie game for the iPhone and iPod touch


Pandorum the official movie game for the  horror film of the same name from Overture Films, on the iPhone and iPod touch platform, which is now available in the App Store retailing at $3.99.

This action-packed, fully animated, 3D first-person role-playing game follows the thrilling storyline from the movie. Players are put into the role of Corporal Bower who wakes up from his sleep pod on the Elysium spaceship and has no clue what has happened to him or the rest of the crew. The player must embark on a 5-mission journey to find out what has transpired on the ship and help their character, Corporal Bower, regain his memory.

While exploring the Elysium, players must use both stealth and an arsenal of weapons to deal with the mysterious and terrifying enemies that lurk around every corner. Players must also fight off Pandorum, the devastating medical condition that causes hallucinations and insanity, for which the movie was named. Throughout the game, players will experience for themselves the devastating effects of Pandorum on their iPhone!


An expansion pack for an additional charge will be available a few weeks after the initial launch of the movie and game and will include a sixth mission and an additional game mode. The expansion pack will reveal the film’s ending and some of the film’s major twists and plots. The delayed release of the expansion pack will ensure that surprise ending of the film is not spoiled, which is a ground-breaking release strategy and the first of its kind for an iPhone game that accompanies a movie debut.


Game Features:

  • Five intense missions, each containing two challenging action-packed levels that take players through a storyline based on the movie
  • An arsenal of deadly upgradeable weapons to take on the fierce and terrifying creatures that haunt the ship
  • High quality audio and realistic sound effects create a startling atmosphere, bringing players into the frightening world matching that of the movie
  • Innovative gameplay and special effects let players virtually experience the effects of Pandorum just as the characters from the film do
  • Real time 3D graphics recreate the detailed spaceship settings from the movie, including the storage corridors, biological laboratories, reactor room and more
  • Dramatic cut scenes after each level engage players and move the plot forward
  • Online movie ticket purchasing is integrated right into the game (US players only)
  • Bluetooth connectivity allows players to share Add-On features and game progress with friends
  • Customizable control schemes to fit different playing styles
  • Global Leaderboards to compare progress against others using Facebook Connect
  • An upgrade pack available for in-app purchase, offering weapon upgrades, unlimited ammo supplies, and more!



The best thing that you would like about this game is the sound and its gameplay, be it the panoramic view of the spaceship and exploring new places on ship or the cut scenes that comes in the game are great. Game also boast puzzles , solving those will unlock the chambers and so on. Another thing that impressed me the most is the partially transparent map- that is used in the game to explore new places on ship. Inventory box is well designed too. If  you like this game then you should go for addon package upgrade- which will make your weapons more advanced and deadly, though I haven’t tried it yet.  What didn’t impressed me much is the controls, though there are few control schemes are available but still not that great.

Pandorum is available on App Store for $1.99 only, the price is quite good and you wont regret after purchasing it. Addon package is available for $0.99 and before purchasing Pandorum you can also test the lite version which is available for free on App Store.