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Paper Mario: Sticker Star

At this years E3 Nintendo announced the release of another Paper Mario title. This Paper Mario will be released for the 3DS and is aiming for a holiday release if Nintendo can finish the subtitling the time. The actual title “Paper Mario 3DS” was officially been subtitled by Nintendo and the game is now known as “Paper Mario: Sticker Star”. This new title comes from the sticker mechanics that serve as a primary component in the games design. Throughout this title, Mario will come across various stickers that can be used in their own way and each serve a purpose,  some you find during combat, some in the field, and all with a unique function.

Nintendo plans to release Paper Mario: Sticker Star around the same time they release Super Mario bros. 2, Paper Mario: Sticker Star will release in both retail and digital formats. Though there still isn’t an official release date, Nintendo just seems to be using the same original line  “holiday season 2012”.