PC Gaming Deals

Its a truly beautiful thing when companies try to 1-up each other and the consumer is the one benefiting from the show.  today we have Toys’R Us clearing out some of their PC gaming stock, GreenManGaming is undercutting Steam and Amazon is playing to our weaknesses………Coupons!!!.


Toys’R Us: Looks like toys r us is clearing out some of their gaming stock in local stores by dropping the prices to $9.98

Available titles include:
Batman: Arkham City
BattleField 3
Sims 3 (as well as some expansions)
Diablo 3
Starcraft 2
Assassin’s Creed Revelations
Modern Warefare 3
That one panda expansion for Warcraft


Amazon: Currently is currently offering up a 25% off coupon OCTOFUN1

The coupon cannot be applied to pro-orders or games released within the last 30days.  This does apply to games already on sale.


GreenManGaming: Steam recently put Skyrim on sale and GMG decided to 1-up them by making the same offer + 25% off code.  Then to top it off…… It activates on Steam

25% off code GMG25-EVFWS-4Z4ZN

Skyrim – $36 ($27 after code)
Dawnguard (Expansion) – $15 (11.25 after code)

The code can be allpied to any digital download purchase