PC Gaming: Mods

One of the best things about pc gaming is the ability to mod your game, this is especially true when playing games like Skyrim or Civilization V. I recently took a stroll through the steam workshop and was just blown away by some of the content that the community has come out with. Entire new maps for Civilization including an entire Lord of The Rings scenario, which I can’t wait to play through this up coming week. Mods also allow you to breath life into old games such as Half Life which has an astounding number of mods for it.

Next time you are on steam take a look at the workshop of some of your favorite games and just be amazed on how many there are and some of them are absolutely amazing quality. Next one I am going to get has to be The Hidden shown in the video above, seems like it would just be an amazing time with friends. If you enjoyed the video check out the rest of his as they are pretty damn entertaining.

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