Picnic Panic Review for the iPhone and IPod Touch


Picnic Panic is a cool little game from Assyria Game Studio in which you must protect your picnic goodies from a host of  hungry bugs. The objective of the game is simple, stop the bugs from eating all the food by smashing them with you fingers, this is done by tapping the screen with your fingers. Some bugs will require multiple taps and If you can smash several of the same type of bugs in a row you will get an added bonus. The game has four levels you can play each set in a different picnic locations, I have to say I enjoyed level 4 the music on that level just got me going and it was fun in splattering sort of  way.


– An array of bugs varying in size, speed, and strength

– Worldwide online high scoreboard for each level, including scoreboards for friends and local players

– Progressively tougher bugs that grow more resistant to poking

– Fast and frantic game play with satisfying, gunk-filled bug-splatting!

I know it sounds simple and it is but I found it strangely addicting, it’s all about getting the highest score you can and sharing it with other online this is accomplished through AGON a social networking tool for iPhone and iPod Touch games which lets you submit your scores and awards online and compare them with other gamers. If you find yourself in a bug smashing mood check it out. Have fun Gamers.

I give it a 8 out of 10