Pics from our San Diego Marvel vs Capcom 3 tournament 3/5/11

Thanks to everyone who showed up for our Marvel vs Capcom 3 Tournament  it was another great event we all had a blast.

We had alot of returning people including our winners from our last event who ended up playing a rematch in the finals. (pictured below)

Once again Ernesto pulled out the win earning him self a copy of  Marvel vs Capcom 3 and 1600 Microsoft points and Arjay  came in second earning himself 4000 MS points.

Our winners also go on to win each a awesome MvC3 poster curiously of our staff member Paul.

We also raffled off 1600 MS points and heres our lucky winner (pictured above).

Thanks again to everyone and we look forward to seeing you in our next event stay tune for info on upcoming events.