PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate coming to Mac and Linux on September 28th!



As part of our continuing commitment to bring more PixelJunk to more people we are pleased to bring PixelJunk Monsters is coming to Mac and Linux! Players won’t have long to wait – these versions will be available on September 28th through Steam and our digital retailing partners!

PixelJunk Monsters Ultimate comes with Steam Play, meaning those who bought it for PC will be able to enjoy it on Mac and Linux too. PixelJunk Monsters is now hopefully available to almost everyone no matter what system they’re running. We’ve been beta testing it across all of these operating systems, so the call is on for PC, Mac and Linux gamers to unite!

The Double Eleven team have worked really hard to minimise the wait for Mac and Linux gamers. One month later, here we are! There’s more PixelJunk coming this side of the holiday, and the next time gamers of all platforms will be treated equally to a simultaneous release!