PlayStation 3 owners got to wait longer for DLC


PlayStation 3 owners are getting shafted again when it comes to DLC they will have to wait an extra couple of months before they can get to play.

A Bethesda Game Studios producer tells the official PlayStation blog developers hope to have the first episode ready by the end of September.

Operation Anchorage, the first piece of DLC released on Xbox 360, was originally scheduled to appear on the PlayStation Network at the end of June.

Producer Ashley Cheng writes in the PlayStation blog that Bethesda will also change the order in which the content is released.  PS3 owners can expect Broken Steel, the campaign that rewrites Fallout 3’s ending and raises the level cap, to arrive first.  The other four episodes would appear soon after, although Bethesda has not provided specific dates.

Bethesda is also releasing a Game of the Year Edition of Fallout 3, which will include the original game and all five pieces of DLC, in October.