Playstation HOME v1.3 in September

homeAnnounced during GamesCom, Playstation HOME will be entering version 1.3 next month, but this is not your run-of-the-mill update. The update will have numerous improvements such as universal game launching and store item previewing will finally arrive(no more impulse buying).

A more notable addition is a portable camera your avatar can carry and take pictures with(in 1st or 3rd person), that coupled with additional new poses will make for some interesting snapshots. the pictures will be passed to your XMB(cross-media bar), which can then be passed back again to your HOME account, framed and hung in your personal space.

To provide a smoother experience the HOME application will now give player a broader option for cache size (3/5/8 and 12gigs)

And finally what good is any social experience without a Karaoke lounge. A new SingStar space will make it’s way HOME alongside the new update, in it players will be able to vote for their favorite video in the jukebox, take the SingStar quiz or just dance the night away on the reactive dance floor.

Via Playstation Blog