Pockie Defense Evolve System goes live – Little Red Riding Hood hits SS-Rank



Available now, the Evolve System lets Pockie Defense players upgrade their battle partners through 5 stages of growth and become SS-Rank Legends – giving them more skills and powers to deploy in battle than ever before!

A core character to the Pockie Defense story and a popular choice of partner in battle, Little Red Riding Hood is one of the first characters that can be boosted to SS-Rank using the Evolve System.

At SS-Rank, Little Red Riding Hood’s mage class unlocks the ability to attack a single target with 2 magical attacks at once, doubling her overall attack power. An SS-Rank LRRH also benefits from increased Attack, Speed, Scope and HP attributes every time she is upgraded.

Little Red Riding Hood can also now unlock two powerful new super skills for battles – Super Shooting and Giant’s Cake IV!

Super Shooting is a PVE skill that lets LRRH unleash a flurry of hits, which stun enemies for 3 seconds and deal damage with 8x the effect of regular attacks.

Meanwhile, Giant’s Cake IV can be put to use in PVP arenas and imbues LRRH with the ability to regenerate tons of extra health in battle.

Pockie Defense is a tactical tower defense game starring well-known fairytale characters, currently in open beta on the online games portal. Players are challenged with developing and defending grand castles in a bid to stop the Wicked Witch from taking over Fairytale world. To keep her from turning every kind-hearted citizen into a hideous monster, players will need to band together with a variety of famous fairytale characters, from Peter Pan to Red Riding Hood, and put their special skills to work.