Pockie Ninja II Social – Quick Levelling Tips Revealed

Publisher NGames has revealed a list of quick levelling tips for their Facebook exclusive Naruto game, Pockie Ninja II Social. The anime inspired game is currently in closed beta, with places still available for interested players to join the testing.

Pockie Ninja II Social, the online social strategy game developed by NGames Co.Ltd and inspired by storylines from the popular Naruto anime series, is deep into closed beta testing. Players are currently managing villages, completing Naruto story quests, building armies of recognizable Anime characters and participating in turn-based battles.

To make sure players rank and progress as quickly as possible during the test, NGames has released a dossier of tips on how to quickly create a formidable ninja army and a powerful village.

NGames is rewarding thorough testing with in-game gift boxes, meaning the more you play, the more you earn for your army of pocket sized ninjas. Players who top up their account with gold; get their village up to lvl.30; and participate in events during the closed beta; will all receive free gift boxes – rammed with desirable in game items.

Money Money – MONEY!

Pockie Ninja II Social’s in-game currency, Ryo, is easy to come by if you know what you’re doing. Try building a Grillroom at the early stages of your village’s development and the Ichiraku later on; upgrading these buildings can make players a fortune.

Be sure to place ninjas in the Grillroom and Ichiraku buildings for production – the same goes for the Sake Shop and Sweet House too.

Completing quests alongside the management of villages and troops will also ensure a steady stream of Ryo.

Getting Gold Ninjas

Gold Ninjas are essential for a strong army, but their rate of successful synthesis – ie. the chance of creating one by combining two ninjas – is not very high.

The only 100% guaranteed way to obtain a Gold Ninja is to recruit from the Ninja Saga – a place where players can get their hands on all of the ninja types in Pockie Ninja II Social. If all types of ninjas are recruited, players will receive a mysterious Gold Ninja to add to their ranks.

Villages must be level 59+ to recruit a Gold Ninja through the Ninja Saga.

Levelling Up Quickly

Other tips for speedy levelling and advancement include: Upgrading buildings as a matter of priority – stronger buildings = a higher village rank. Regularly collecting rewards from your buildings – there is no point in just letting them sit unused. Completing as many quests as possible and obtaining rewards from advancing in Pockie Ninja II Social’s storyline. And finally, joining in with the various on-going battles, from the Story and Invasion battles, to Assistance (helping friends) and Legion fights.

Free Gift Pack Giveaways

Players seeking more free gifts can stay tuned to the official Pockie Ninja II Social Facebook and Twitter pages, where NGames is handing out regular beta boost, elite and luxury item packs. The packs are also available through select media sites – all on a first come, first served basis.