Pokemon Card of the Week

Hello TCGers and welcome to another edition of Card of the Week. Today we are going to do Pokemon TCG and the card I have chosen is is a great one to start things off. This week its Caitlin. This supporter trainer card is very useful in this current format and I’ll tell you why. The effect of this card is simple you take as many cards from your hand and place them on the bottom of the deck. Then after you do so you draw the same exact number of cards placed at the bottom of the deck to your hand. Its simple, its sweet, its awesome. With the removal of copycat ,which is a great card to have, you are forced to mostly keep the crappy cards you have with the measly draw power you get from some of the supporters or hope for a junipher, but it is possible that you could be discarding some cards that you need in hope to get at least one energy. Well this card spits in all their faces, if you have a massive hand keep the cards you want and get some brand new ones and the best part is that the card says that you don’t have to shuffle after you do so. So the cards that you placed at the bottom are going to remain there until you shuffle your deck next time around. This card is really great in any deck as its possibilities are practically endless from getting a last minute catcher to win the game or just getting a brand new hand all together. This card is a prime example of what a supporter card should be like.