Pokemon Go creating new Laws for California Drivers

There is a huge amount of questions by government officials and law enforcement weather to expand hands free driving to playing Pokemon Go. There are serious injuries committed while drivers are DWP ( Driving While Pokemon).

An accident occurred on August 11 a 29-year-old woman was crossing the street on her bicycle when she was hit by a car causing her critical injuries. She sadly passed away hours later. The driver admitted he was playing  Pokemon Go while driving.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the state Assembly this week sent a new bill proposal to governor Jerry Brown outlining the measures. Bill Quirk (D-Hayward) said it’s time to expand the texting-ban law to get with the times.

The bill suggestion  also plugging a loophole that has made it difficult for law enforcement to enforce existing laws. In 2014, the California Court of Appeal ruled that the existing ban only prohibits a driver from holding a wireless telephone while talking on it.

Now we  wait and see what happens with this proposed bill happens. If passed, maybe we’ll see stricter penalties for on the phone while driving in more states.