Pokemon Go gotta catch’em all is failing us all!

The bug is related to your throw’s accuracy. While “nice,” “great,” and “excellent” throws are meant to provide an increase in your catch chance, it’s pretty obvious to many GO players that isn’t happening. Worse, the XP you’re supposed to earn from these throws is being omitted, making it take that much longer to gain enough experience to increase your trainer level. In acknowledging the issue, Niantic also stated that the issue is causing wild Pokémon to break out of balls more frequently, which is not their intended behavior. That 10CP Pidgey is supposed to get in that Poké Ball and like it.


The tracking system was removed, which Niantic promises will be brought back, and catching Pokémon suddenly became a chore. While some players believed the latter was done intentionally to increase microtransaction revenue and put an end to the honeymoon period, Niantic finally broke their silence on the issue. They’re not trying to increase Poké Ball sales. Catching Pokémon is just bugged right now.