Pokemon Go pvp and trading confirmed for Dec Release

The latest improvement to be featured in the most popular mobile game ever is the Pokemon Go Gen 2. There are more features added aside from the latest update of the 100 Pokemon already added to the game.

According to reports Pokemon Go Gen 2 also will include a PvP battle system, baby Pokemon and Pokemon trading. Baby Pokemon is new which means this may be the feature to replace egg hatching, which could result in a lot of trainers staying in doors removing the inadequate steps that always had trainers complaining.


Its rumored that Pokemon Go will introduce a more advance system to evolving pokemon that will let the trainers pick a baby Pokemon and have it evolve into a more powerful one. It is the lowest form of Pokemon that can easily be collected. While doing this, players can keep it and have it grow.

Start collecting candies because you will need them  in Pokemon Go Gen 2. This will help move into the second generation Pokemon and get the powerful ones. Trainers can expect for the update in December.