Pokemon Showdown Battle Simulator


Pokemon Showdown is an online battle simulator in which the user partakes in random battles with random people. When you first start using pokemon showdown you have to win a random battle in order to register your name. When you have your name registered you can start climbing up the rankings. This is a true test for hard core pokemon gamers. The ability to win with a randomly assembled team is a challenge. You can get pokemon ranging from a lvl 99 Majicarp to a level 74 Mew. The possibilities are endless.

You can also create your own team as the picture above shows Charizard being picked for a team. You can choose any pokemon from any generation, as long as they are real pokemon. You can assign that pokemon any moves that it could learn based on its type. Overall this game is a must play. The game is found on pokemonshowdown.com. Its a great game PLAY IT NOW.