Pokken Tournament DX, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, and Pokemon Gold and Silver Announcement

Nintendo just had a direct showing the upcoming pokemon related games to their Switch, 3D, and Virtual console.

First it is shown that Pokken tournament will be release on the Nintendo switch as an updated version of the Wii-u version of the game that will include 5 new pokemons(Darkrai, Scizor, Empoleon, Croagunk and Pokemon Sun and Moon’s owl archer, Decidueye) and other new features like 3 vs 3 team battle, Ranked matches, and other nice local wireless features for the switch. Pokken Tournament DX is set to be released on September 22

2nd game that is shown is the annoucement of Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon for the 3ds. Not is known much about the game as it they are set to explain more about it on e3. But from what we do know is that Ultra is able to fused with legendaries. The game is set to be release on November 17


Lastly Pokemon gold and Silver will be release on the virtual console on September 22