Poor Maya

Today  Nurogames app publishers of apps such as The Expendables, Bibi Blocksberg and Tiny Bee  announced that tomorrow, August 31st, that Poor Maya would be released for the Ipad, Iphone and Andriod phones.

Poor Maya is a game that lets players interact with Yucci, a small Mayan boy who is unlucky enough to face the end of the world in 2012. Yucci can have his clothes changed, make him pray and of course send natural disasters at him! Some of the disasters range from meteorite or a terrible earthquake!  Every action Yucci takes lets players unlock  new options for Yucci and collect experience points! Every action Yucci takes also makes him lose health so to replenish his health players either let Yucci rest or caressing the side of the screen as awkward as that sounds.

This app will be free to download on the iphone app store and Google play store!

•    Free to play
•    Plenty of animations
•    Cute character design
•    High quality sound effects
•    Various outfits
•    Experience-based level system