PowerA Announces FUSION Pro Controller

FUSION Straight

PowerA today announced the unveiling of the FUSION Pro Controller at the GameStop Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada. The FUSION Pro Controller is the definitive gaming controller built for Xbox One and will ship to retailers on October 26, 2015 for $79.99 USD (MSRP).

FUSION Incline
The officially licensed FUSION Pro Controller features superior ergonomics and is made of top quality components. A rigorous four-stage testing regimen that includes one million button presses earns the Fusion Pro Controller its elite status. The following features of the FUSION Pro controller offers gamers complete control on their Xbox One:
  • Platter-style precision analog sticks
  • Four underside assignable buttons
  • Custom illumination effects with 225 color combinations
  • Dual trigger locks for rapid fire capability
  • Tournament-legal 9.8ft braided USB cable
  • 3.5mm audio jack