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Pre-order for Guns of Icarus Online on Steam now!

That’s right Muse Game’s Guns of Icarus online is available for official pre-order on Steam with a 25% discount. On top of that if players pre-order now they can get into the now closed beta until September 30th in which the game will officially launch. To make this deal sweeter Muse is offering several different game packages that include a 4 pack bundle that prices the game as low as $8.75 after discount!  the 4- pack includes a collectors edition that is also available on it’s own.the Collectors edition will include the official soundtrack and an extra costume.

Guns of Icarus online is a Co-operative airship combat game mixed with a first-person shooter and team based strategy. 4 players will work together as Captain, Gunner and Engineer to take on other crews in a post- apocalyptic wasteland.

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Did you take a look at the game play trailer above? Are you gunning to play this game?