Prepare to bend your mind with Layer for iOS On April 16!


Layer_screenshot4Layer is a deceptively simple and beautifully designed minimalist game of tile stacking. Players are challenged to stack adjacent tiles to vacant spots until all the tiles are stacked up. Make a wrong move and everything falters. What seems simple quickly turns into an addicting and mind-bending puzzle experience.
Created by one of South East Asia’s rising indie developers, stellarNull, the game was originally released as Koutack on the web in 2013. With its innovative tile stacking mechanic and ultra minimalist design, the game garnered a cult following and collected several accolades such as Most Innovative Gameplay in Game Dev Gathering 2014 and Most Promising Game Nominee in Indie Prize Asia 2014.

For the enhanced mobile version, stellarNull partnered with Gamenauts to elevate the original gameplay into a premium experience with more than 100 hand crafted levels, updated HD graphics and overhauled UI.

The game will be a 100% premium experience with no IAPs to distract the true puzzle fans.
Layer will soon be available exclusively on the App Store for all iOS platforms on April 16, 2015 for $1.99.