Primal Carnage: Dino vs Human in 2 Days

Primal Carnage will be coming out in two days on the 29th and I for one can’t wait to pick this game up. The game is available through Steam and the Primal Carnage website, priced at $14.99 it is a steal for how fun the game is. The game ships with 5 team deathmatch maps, but the devs have already said that as long as people play the game they plan on supporting it. The all multiplayer humans vs dinosaurs is a much needed new setting for an online game. While playing a human you are in First Person View and when playing the dinosaurs you are in Third Person View.

The human have to work together in order to survive, if they are caught alone they quickly get picked off either by raptors or flyers. There is even an element of team work that goes into dinosaur play as the T-Rex has a buff that will help the pack pick off the humans. If this isn’t enough to get you interested below is some Alpha gameplay.