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Pro Circuit Round Up

MLG Pro CircuitThis has been a crazy week for the pro circuit and competitive Call of Duty. In the spam of 48 hours most of the big professional Call of Duty teams and organizations made huge changes. After all the roster changes that happened on the night of Tuesday, December 10, Wednesday ended up settling almost everything. Let’s get into what changes happened after the night of Tuesday and see where everything lies now after this.



Unite after going relatively untouched after the craziness of Tuesday, on Wednesday they made a huge announcement. Thru his Twitter, MBoZe announced that Unite was dropping their entire roster of Ricky, Saints, StaiNViLLe and MBoZe. This was later confirmed by the Unite page itself that posted and article saying why they were doing this. This then left the entire Unite roster open and left MboZe, StaiNViLLe, Ricky and Saints as free agents.



Senses when they left SoaR they never went with another organization we’re going to call the lineup of SpaceLy, Lyar, Heist and Methodz as former SoaR. After the announcement of Unite dropping their roster SpaceLy announced that he was now a free agent and was leaving this team because of age restrictions. Then right after that Lyar came out and also announced that he was a free agent and leaving the former SoaR team. This then left Heist and Methodz as a team of 2 initiall, until later on Methodz announced that he would be a free agent and then Heist announced that he would be retiring from the competitive seen all together.



After dropping JKap on Tuesday, Optic had an open slot that was up for grabs. On Wednesday the team announced who their 4th would be for the season. After much speculation the spot was filled by Ricky who was released just that day by Unite. This meant the roster for Optic would be Nadeshot, Scumpy, Bigtymer and now Ricky for this Ghost season.



Team Kaliber lost a player on Tuesday after Goonjar left the team to join Envy. After that day and all the changes that had occurred throughout the day this left who tK would be picking up pretty clear. On Wednesday, tK owner Chaos tK announced who they would be picking up. It would be freshly released coL player Clayster. This then completed the roster of Sharp,Theory and Neslo and added a great player to their ranks in Clayster.



After losing their entire roster before all this happened, vQ finally picked up a new team. Late on Wednesday MBoZe announced that he, StaiNViLLe, Saints and SpacLy would be teaming up and playing under the vQ organization at UMG.



Finally, on Wednesday the last roster change came in and it was from FaZe. That night FaZe announced that they would be dropping enable and ACE and picking up JKap and Methodz. This then left their roster as Replays, Classic, JKap and Methodz for the upcoming UMG event.



In a pleasant change of peace from the madness of all the roster changes a big announcement and a big partnership in my opinion for competitive CoD. On Friday, UMG and MLG announced that they would be partnering up for the upcoming UMG Philly event. This meant that the tournament would be streamed exclusively thru and that all players would be competing for pro points. No word if the partnership is permanent or just for the event at Philly but still this is big news for competitive CoD.


With all these changes, the entire pro circuit has been turned upside down. It will be how many of these teams play at UMG and if they work well together. The Free agent market is now full of good players and don’t be surprised if you see more roster changes and if some of these players end up in teams. For now, me personally, I’m happy it has calmed down sense the craziness that happened on Tuesday and Wednesday.