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Pro Circuit Round Up

MLG Pro CircuitMLG Columbus has come and gone and already the roster changes are going on. It has barely been two weeks sense the event has passed and already the roster changes are flowing and there are still more to come after today.



After a good event at MLG Columbus, Adversity has decided to change up their roster. They have dropped and replaced their player Strife with Accuracy.



After placing within the top 8of the event, the entire Vanquish roster has left the team and looked for new teams. Phizzurp left the team and has sense joined Denial. Dedo left as well and is now teaming up with Moho and Team Fear. Realize has just joined sBusiness Gaming while Schillez has still not found a team and remains a Free Agent.



Denial eSports has now picked up a new roster after they had a bad MLG event. Their roster now consists of Phizzurp, Flawless, Complex and Fatalize.



Soar gaming has made another roster change.  Now after their low placing at Columbus, they decided to drop newly added Whea7s and Saintt. Later the teams captain Methodz let everyone know by twitter that their new additions to the team would be CMPLX and also LyaR, who would be returning to the competitive seen. Soar’s roster now consists of Methodz, Heist, CMPLX and LyaR.



After getting double one rounded at Columbus, Faze has decided to make a roster change. They have now dropped Spacely and Huhdle from their roster and replaced them with Ace and Enable, both former Halo pros and also former part of Primal.



After losing his entire roster right before Columbus, Moho now has a whole team set up and ready to go to UMG Philly. Team Fear has now picked up Dedo, FORMAL, and Slacked as their new players. The roster now consists of Moho, Dedo, FORMAL and Slacked.



Probably the biggest roster change so far came from Unite. After having a good placing at Columbus, Killa has decided to leave the team. This news came yesterday in the afternoon. This then leaves Unite looking for one more player to complete their roster of Saints, MBoZe and Ricky.


These are just the beginning of the roster changes. Now with the departure of Killa from Unite expect to see more roster changes to come as he finds a team and Unite find their fourth.