Pro Circuit Round Up

MLG Pro CircuitIt’s been a week and the roster changes keep happening. Let’s just go straight into what they are because there are a lot of them and all are big changes.



After Killa left Unite last week to look a new choice emerged for him. A few days after Killa announced he was leaving Unite, Curse Las Vegas let everyone know that they were dropping Stainville. Then within the same day Curse LV let everyone know that their new fourth would be Killa. This then put 3 of the 4 players that won the Call of Duty Championships together. Later that week Unite picked up Stainville to complete their roster of MBoze, Ricky and Saints.



After they picked up 3 players to complete their roster, Fear made another change. This time they dropped Slacked and picked up CMPLX from SoaR. This now makes their roster of FORMAL, Dedo, Moho and now CMPLX.



SoaR also after made some changes. These changes were not by choice. After losing CMPLX to Fear, Methodz, Heist and Lyar decided to leave SoaR as well. This left SoaR without a pro roster for the upcoming event. They really didn’t say why they left the team but later on the SoaR twitter hinted at that it might have been because of financial reasons.



This is probably one of the big roster changes of the week. After a horrible placing, by Optic’s standards, at MLG Columbus Optic dropped JKap. Not much information was given other than he was dropped and that they were going to be looking for a new fourth. This leaves Optic’s roster as Nadeshot, Scumpy and BigTymer.



After placing second at MLG Columbus, Team Kaliber has released Goonjar from their roster. This leaves their remaining roster as Sharp, Theory and Neslo. And now Goonjar has just joined Team Envyus.


The biggest change by far came from the most unlikely sources. After winning Columbus, Complexity dropped Clayster and not only that they picked up probably one of the best players in the game in Karma. This change comes as huge change sense it was out of nowhere and not only that it left Envyus one man short. After this change the teams are coL Aches, TeePee, Crimsix and Karma. Meanwhile Envy’s roster is Rambo, Merk and Proofy and Clayster is now a Free Agent.


This was simply a huge week in roster changes and this is going to be interesting to see how UMG Philly is going to be.