Pro Circuit Round-Up


Over this past week there have been several big announcements and some rosters changes within the Pro circuit. Let me breakdown what has happened over this past week leading up MLG Columbus:

Last Sunday night via twitter pro players Pacman, Whea7s and Loony left the FEAR organization and leaving FEAR leader Moho looking for 3. Thru his twitter page, Pacman let everyone know that they were leaving and why they were doing so. Moho now is looking for 3 players to fill his roster and it’s still not sure if he will attend the upcoming MLG event in Columbus, Ohio.

Today the SoaR Gaming organization released one of their players. Thru Twitter, SoaR captain Methodz let everyone know that they were going to be dropping team member Slacked and then announced that they were going to pick Whea7s as their 4th.With the lineup of Whea7s, Saintt, Heist, and Methodz, SoaR will be attending MLG Columbus.

MLG/ Infinity Ward
One of the biggest news came out today in the morning and it was from MLG. They let everyone know via Twitter that at their upcoming event they will debut the new Broadcaster mode for Ghost along with the new option to customize matches to eSports rules. The broadcaster mode was hinted at before by Infinity Ward on their Twitter page as well a while back but it didn’t appear in their last patch of the game. Unfortunately there is still no word on what the rule set will be for MLG Columbus. I will post a link to the MLG tweet.

Probably the biggest news of the whole weekend was that UMG Gaming announced where their next Call of Duty: Ghost LAN will be. It will be in Philadelphia on January 3rd – 5th. Spectator passes are now on sale but if you’re looking for a team pass I’m sorry to say that all 96 of them have sold out. UMG have made very clear that all passes have been sold out and that they will not be adding any more.

MLG Columbus is just one week away and we should expect some more announcements from them as they prepare for this Ghost event and possibly even some more roster changes.